Supporting Organisations

  • SARWeather is a joint research project led by IMR/Belgingur, in collaboration with NOAA/ESRL, the University of Bergen, and the private companies GreenQloud and DataMarket. To ensure maximum usability for SAR operators, SARWeather is developed in close collaboration with ICE-SAR and the Civil Protection Department of the Icelandic Police.
  • SARWeather was initially funded in part by grant number 550-025 (Vejrtjeneste for Søberedskab) from NORA and by the European Commission under the 7th Community Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (GalileoCast). GalileoCast is managed by GSA, the European GNSS Supervisory Authority.
  • Current development of SARWeather is funded in part by the Icelandic Technical Development Fund – RANNÍS
  • Development related to the SUMO has in part been funded by the COST project ES0802

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