Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Public Beta

Good News Everyone!

SARWeather has finally entered the Open Beta phase. It has taken a few years and a lot of experimentation, but we're finally here. At this point we encourage everyone to tell their friends and colleagues, or anyone who might need our exceptional weather forecasting services.

The main changes from last week, apart from replacing "alpha" with "beta" in the logo, are that we have enabled the user sign-up page and users can purchase additional credit.

In addition, we have removed the "Tiny Test" forecast type and replaced it with a new large-domain 1km-resolution forecast type. It is significantly more resource intensive than the other forecast types and priced accordingly.

Finally, there are the usual small interface and layout improvements. We have f.ex. colour-coded the time-stamps on the list of previous forecasts, to indicate whether the forecast is fresh (green), could be updated with new data (yellow) or the forecast period has passed (black).

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